7/15/16 at Canal Park

I went to this game with my grandfather hoping to see Michael Brantley play on his rehab assignment. We got to the stadium 15 minutes before the gates officially opened to non-season ticket/suite holders.


Oh, also it was a sellout and the only non-general admission seats there was were Aisle 10, Row S, Seats 1-2. So that was going to be our location for the game

The lines for the gates backed up to the Suite entrance so we got in line. The gates opened and I rushed inside hoping that BP would still be going on. But sadly it wasn’t so I went down in the aisle next to the Erie Tigers dugout with a pen and a ball, seeking autographs.

This was the first game I had been to in years where the teams weren’t signing. But when the Tigers were done warming up and were walking off the field, there was action.


This man, Jason Krizan, had a ball still in his glove. A few nights earlier, he had won the Eastern League Home Run Derby, and I yelled “Great Job in the Home Run Derby.”

And this was the result:


Right after Krizan tossed it up, he said “You already have a ball!” I hadn’t snagged that one at that game so I said “It’s for autographs.” He then just laughed and shook his head. That was the last action in this game.

1 ball at this game

17 Lifetime MILB balls

1 Consecutive game with at least 1 ball

1 Minor League game this season


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